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Voice To Command

We are a creative and technical start-up that specializes in voice solutions for brands and our own in-house projects. We work mainly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, located in Stockholm, Sweden.

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DigiVoice is a German Alexa Skill agency. We deliver innovative Skills for brands and companies. Also, we have a special service for schools and educational institutions: Each month we offer two days of free in-school career counselling or we drop by during class and tell you all about voice.

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At Voxogenic we are excited to assist companies in bringing their brands, products and services to a voice platform such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Apart from the voice services we create voice games.

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Why Use A Voice Agency?

Growth for your business on an emerging platform

With the rapid growth of the voice industry, businesses around the world are hiring Alexa developers to allow customers to interact with their services. If you want to establish your brand on millions of devices around the world, consider hiring a voice agency to bring that value to you!

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