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Liam Sorta

Liam Sorta is an Amazon Alexa Champion, contributor to the official AWS Alexa Certification Exam and has published skills that have served over 1,000,000 users. With a history in developer relations, Liam is excited to educate new developers on the ins-and-outs of Alexa.

Complete Alexa Skills Development Course

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Become an Alexa Skill Developer

Do you want to learn how some developers are earning over $10,000 a month with Alexa Skills? The answer is deceptively simple: Create Alexa Skills that customers love.

Amazon have decidated a huge amount of recourses to Alexa’s success, be that in the form of running webinars, skill promotions, even sponsoring entire conferences. They are paving the way for the first generation of voice developers to create an impact on the industry.

  • No Experience Required – Total beginner? All the more reason to start learning! We start from the ground up, including the absolute basics of programming
  • Quality Production Value – All video lectures/tutorials are in HD 1080p and recorded with a studio-quality microphone. No background noise here!
  • Regular Updates – Whether its an API update or complete console overhaul, lectures will be kept up-to-date with the current development environment.
  • Support Channel – Gain access to the ‘Student Only’ section of our Discord community to discuss content with other students and ask questions.
  • Become an Alexa Pro – We provide you will all the content you will need to become a professional Alexa developer, capable of taking on client work or establishing your own startup.

Expected Release: May 2019

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