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7 Hidden Alexa Tricks You Don’t Know About

Your Amazon Echo device is capable of more than you think! With over 100 million devices sold to date, and 80,000 user-made skills available, you can be sure that there are many features you have never heard of. Here are our top picks for Alexa tricks you may not know about.

1. Send a recording to EVERY device in your house

Say: “Alexa, send an announcement”. Wait for her to reply, then provide your message

By using Alexa’s announcement feature, you can record short audio clips and send them to every device in your house. Perfect for either helping or annoying your family, it can go either way.

2. Play music in every room 

Say: “Alexa, play music in Living Room and Kitchen”, or Say: “Alexa, play music Everywhere”

Playing music is one of the most widely used Alexa features, though there are many occasions where you may want the same song synced between multiple rooms. Thankfully, Amazon make this very easy to set up.

Start by opening your Alexa mobile app and select ‘something’, then create a room in the app for every room in your house, and assign your Alexa device to it.

3. Listen to Audio Books with Audible

Say: “Alexa, open Audible”

Easily one of the most underrated Alexa features is the ability to play Audio Books through Audible. With an extensive library of the most popular books available, combined with the first book being free, it’s a great way to get more mileage out of your echo device!

4. Find your phone with Alexa

Say: “Alexa, open Find My Phone”

While not provided by Amazon, the Find My Phone skill is a must for anyone frequently losing their device. By completing a short verification process, you will be able to have Alexa call your device. Find out more about the skill here: ­

5. View Ring Doorbell video feed on Echo Spot & Echo Show

Say: “Alexa, open Ring”

If you own a Ring device, Alexa will allow you to request and display the video feed on your Echo Show / Echo Show device. Better yet, you can also make use of the Echo’s microphone to take advantage of the two-way intercom. You will need to enable the “Ring” skill in the Alexa Skills store for your region and then provide authorization for Amazon to access your Ring account.

6. Alexa can find your lost phone

Say: “Alexa, find my phone”

This one is actually a skill created by voice studio opearlo. Once you have verified your phone number with the skill, you can then say “Alexa, find my phone” to receive a free call to your device, no more asking friends to call you at 2am to find your device lodged between the bed and the wall! You can find the skill here:

7. Create your OWN functionality

Say: “Alexa, open your skill

One of the most exciting parts about owning an Alexa device is being able to create your very own skills that can do just about anything you want. Aside from being a fun way to impress your friends and family, Amazon offers monthly payouts for the most engaging skills, with some Alexa skill developers earning over $10,000 a month from their games.

You can also enter Amazon’s developer promotions where you will receive Alexa Developer swag, and possibly some free devices.

Not a developer? No problem. Alexa development can be taught to anyone, regardless of technical background. If you’re interested in development, check out our blog post on setting up your very first skill:

Interested in building more complete skills and earning money doing it? Consider looking at our courses on Alexa Development and join our free Discord community at:

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