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Education for Voice Technology

Voice.tv offers high-quality courses to help educate the voice community.


Whether you are a complete beginner looking to dabble in voice development, or an industry veteran wanting to launch a new career in this exciting new space, we are here to offer you the best quality educational resources put together by experts.

In addition to a range of video courses, we operate a completely free community chat server, where you can request support, meet fellow developers, and get feedback on your skills.


Voice.tv is dedicated to providing only the best in teaching, all of our courses are taught by expert developers, with high standards set for the quality of the content, as well as ensuring clear audio/visual quality.

  • Up-to-date Content – All of our courses are regularly updated based on your feedback and technology changes.

  • Accessibility – All of our videos feature closed-caption support.

  • Join the Community – Our courses are more than just videos, you are invited to share and receive feedback on the work you create in our community.

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Learning to code is not easy, but it can be made much easier through guidance and application. We firmly believe that the best way to learn is to create. Our courses use practical, real-world examples that you can use as a launching pad for future skills.

If you are looking for courses that tell you what to do, we are not the right service for you. If you want to learn by creating projects and hearing how we break down every step of the development process, then take a look at some of the courses we have to offer.

Our courses are taught by developers that have had commercial success in Alexa Skill Development. Not only will you be learning how to create skills with us, but you will be learning how to create engaging skills, and the design practices behind them a success.

Quality of both production and content are the most important traits of any course. We keep our lectures concise, and rich with information, with each session being recorded in HD 1080p, with studio-quality audio.





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